Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple predictions

I wanted to get some quick predictions out for the Apple event today in the event that the device is a tablet:

- WiFi
- Bluetooth
- WhisperNet (like Kindle) via Verizon or possibly Clearwire/Sprint (and thus be carrier independent when LTE is rolled out across the board.)
- Wireless HDMI (aka WiDi)
- Wireless Charging

I don't think the device will have ANY external ports whatsoever. Depending on the range of WiDi, you can sit on your couch and broadcast a iTunes show to the TV while doing other stuff on the tablet itself. If you want, you leave the charging pad by the television or somewhere else.

Imagine you're riding on the train watching the latest episode of whatever. You get home and the device picks up where it left off broadcasting to your television.

I think social gaming a la Farmville will be there as well. Garage band on this thing would actually be pretty cool.

Anyway, some of these ideas are my own and others are things I've picked up from various podcasts but if I were building the next gen "device", those are the features I would pick.

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