Thursday, April 1, 2010

iPad confusion

EDIT: I want to clarify that my original information was wrong. Pages (from my first hand experience) allows you to export as PDF,DOC or Pages format as well as email).

Color me confused about the iPad. I'm already grumpy because today is a terrible news day online. Every other story is either an iPad story or is a stupid joke.

My biggest problem is that there's this "hole" that people keep overlooking when they try to define WHERE the iPad fits:

You still have to have a computer running iTunes to actually USE the thing.

Yes, I mean use it.

All system updates have to happen via iTunes. Until it has OTA updating, you still need to have a computer that can run the bloated mess that is iTunes. So yeah, give it to grandma since she doesn't have a computer. It works great until there's a mandatory system update that prevents her from accessing the app store. You want to get stuff OFF the system? Pages documents? Spreadsheets? Gotta have iTunes to do the offloading and conversion.

Look, the iPad looks great. The fact that sites are already moving to HTML5 and open standards just for it bodes well for every one out there but make no mistake, until you can use it in entirety without needing iTunes, it's NOT going to be the savior of the technophobe.

So who's it for?
- It's not for someone who doesn't want a computer. You still need one for iTunes.
- It's definitely not for someone who likes to tinker
- It's too heavy, as even the most ardent fans have said in reviews, for long-term reading or handheld viewing.
- It's too expensive as a companion device

I'll give Apple credit for inventing but that doesn't mean it's a sure thing. There are some LEGITIMATE crossed wires as to where this thing really fits.

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