Thursday, October 21, 2010

PyCon DevOps piggy back

So I had a random idea the other night and like any other random idea I immediately sent it to Twitter.

This of course brought feedback which is the whole point, right?

The idea was to have a Velocity style conference in the South East. We all know my love for Atlanta and my half-disdain/half-jealousy of the West coast. So I threw the idea out on twitter and immediately got my first reply from Joe Heck with a bit of reality thrown in:

@lusis nice idea. critical mass with either be easy or impossible to get. You might consider riffing on existing conferences ... PyCon2011

Awesome idea so I headed off to to read up on how PyCon does that kind of thing. I shot off an email to the pycon-organizers mailing list and got some really nice responses. I also got a private tweets from people on the list as well.

The end result is this. If I want to hitchhike on the back of PyCon for a devops-related conference, here are the requirements/suggestions:

  • Involve Python in some way
  • Will need to take advantage of the Open Spaces system

This essentially means unless I (or someone else) is giving a full blown talk on Python and DevOps, it will be an ad-hoc thing. We can't reserve the spaces until the day of the conference. I'm also not sure how big the spaces are. I think this is the same place LISA was held years ago so you might be able to snag a dividable room segment?

So what does everyone think? I'm considering giving a talk on the state of devops toolchains in Python (func, cobbler, fabric, kokki, overmind, whatever else) but I don't know that I'm ready for that yet after a single LUG presentation ;)

I know that Mitchell H. of Vagrant fame was considering heading into town for it. Vagrant isn't just for Rubyists ;)

I'm open to ideas. I'd love to just have the conference I sent the tweet about but when I really think about it, I don't think I can pull something like that off in this amount of time.

Many thanks to the pycon-organizers folks for the input - Doug Hellmann, Vern Ceder and Jesse Noller. Also to Dean Goodmanson for his feedback via Twitter.

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Grig Gheorghiu said...

Hi John -- that's a great idea. I'll be at PyCon 2011 too and we can always organize an Open Space on 'Python and DevOps'. I think a lot of people would attend.