Thursday, June 25, 2009

More Adobe AIR stuff

So I recently wiped my Dell XPS M1710 laptop. I had purchased another 2GB of memory (bringing it to 4GB) and a 500GB 2.5" sata drive to replace the shitty 100GB that came with it.

I decided to go 64-bit Jaunty to really take full advantage of the memory. I haven't run a 64-bit desktop Linux since I ran Gentoo. I remember a whole host of problems then with chroot and such but figured things were better now.

Indeed they are except for a few closed source programs. One of those happens to be Adobe AIR.

Adobe provides some nice tips on their website for 64-bit linux installs but most of those were deprecated for Jaunty. TweetDeck would fire up but not let me click anything similar to the problem I had before with gnome-keyring vs. kwallet.

A little research later lead me to this post:

Essentially, getlibs makes all the problems I had before a non-starter. I was able to grab the 32-bit version of gnome-keyring and have it be a part of the package system (so no stray files) and start TweetDeck.

I'm still getting some cocked-up error about libcanberra but that appears to be a known issue:

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