Friday, June 12, 2009

Updates to mhs

So I did some updates to MHS (the mysql health daemon I wrote for work). I was implementing our scripting framework from bash in perl to provide the same wrapper functionality we have in our shell scripts.

It's not as transparent but it logs script stop and start. This one is pretty useless outside of our shop because it's now implementing our own perl modules:


I also stopped using Proc::Daemon because of some logging issues I was seeing. No matter which order I did Proc::Daemon::Init(), logging would stop. I even changed Log::Log4perl to use init_and_watch but nothing worked. I ended up having to not only change to App::Daemon just to get the tty detach (we start mhs from an init script) but also stop using File::Dispatch::LogRotate because it doesn't honor setting ownership of log files.

As soon as I have time to sanitize it, I'll post a new copy on

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